Funny Things

1.  Elias sent me the link to this cartoon.  “I’ve got a friend on the team.”–What more can I say about the Patriarchy?

2.  Brittney gets me back on Nashville is Talking just as I start talking about menstruation.  I really should just change the name of this blog to “All Cooter Talk.  All the Time.” to give folks more warning. 

Hello, Tennessee!  Welcome back.  Don’t mind the mess!

3.  Speaking of WKRN, I’m totally digging Kleinheider’s new gig and I have a suggestion so brilliant that I can’t believe they haven’t already thought of it–The Volunteer Voters soundtrack!  Kleinheider has awesome taste in music and he’s already hard at work exposing his readers to rap lyrics.  Think of how Grand Theft Auto revolutionized the intersection of gaming and music.  Kleinheider could do that for political blogging.

Edited to add 4.  Ceeelcee is totally surreptitiously taking over Tiny Cat Pants.  Yes, I’m about to post about that motherfucker again!  But there are sex toys and misunderstandings.  How can I resist?


4 thoughts on “Funny Things

  1. They claim they’re going to do it soon enough, so use them if you want. Or invent funny ones. Whatever.

  2. "It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp"? I’ve only heard it once, on the Oscars, and I still can’t get it out of my head. I don’t know Kleinheider but somehow, it just feels right. Hey, is the Watson’s girl pregnant? I’m having trouble focusing today.

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