The World is an Interesting Place

I wanted to link to saraclark on the new blog roll, but I’ve been reading along at and been all like “That’s a new design and I don’t remember these posts.  Hmm.  I’ll just read along and see if anything starts to sound familiar.”

Finally, I figured out my mistake.

And discovered this crazy-ass thing.  Saraclark is not even her real name!

So, she’s added.  Also, I added Ceeelcee.  Check out the name of his blog.  It tickles me.  And now, sir, you are obligated to continue to blog forever!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Shit, I need to come up with some better nefarious plots.


2 thoughts on “The World is an Interesting Place

  1. Wow, the other Sarah was having a rough time. Hopefully she’s better now.I’m not going to go all Sally Field on you or anything but I am smiling at the computer, much like nodding on the phone, the idea is there you just can’t see it.Never underestimate the power of a good alias, although around folks who know me, it’s more of a danger sign.This calls for alcohol! We need someone organized and loaded(or just hit them up on payday) for some sunny spring drinking as a group. Knucklehead seems to be an experienced candidate and perhaps CeeeLCeee. I keep seeing his name as CLC (Color Laser Copier).But in short, thank you.

  2. Sunny spring drinking as a group would be awesome. Who do we know that has organizational skills and money?

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