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1.  Anna Fibee is asking some hard questions about country star Sara Evans.  I read in the Nashville Scene that she owes her career to Pro-Tools–Evans, not Fibee–which means that she must know she can’t sing.  So, now that I have real live musicians and recording industry folks reading my blog, I must ask “What possesses people who are created in a studio to perform live?  Don’t they know we can hear them?”

2.  Not to make light of child molesters, but why would a guy who works for the Department of Homeland Security and who presumably has a TV and reads the news still approach a girl on the internet?  How can he not know no one on the internet is exactly what they seem?  How is this crap supposed to make us feel more secure?

3.  Also, conservatives?  Are you burnt out on scandals yet?  Secretly, do you ever wonder why the fuck you voted this administration into office?  Do you feel like you got sold a pig in a poke?  I mean, these folks claimed to be good conservative Christians who would hold themselves to a higher moral standard.  Aren’t you a little angry?

10 thoughts on “Answer My Questions!

  1. 3. Yes. Not always, because I still support some of their approaches to things and I don’t always trust all of the background noise. No. I’m a lot angry.

  2. Even flaming liberals like me can’t gloat over the continuing scandals, Aunt B. Schadenfreude isn’t satisyfing anymore because there’s so much collateral damage.It just breaks my heart to see people like my most excellent co-worker and my pretty cool brother-in-law, both conservative and pleasant about it, get so quiet and sad when they see the ones who "claimed to be good conservative Christians who would hold themselves to a higher moral standard" rape and pillage our country, both literally and figuratively. They thought they were electing nice guys like themselves, who wanted less government intervention in the average person’s life, better enforcement of existing laws, responsible handling of the gubmint purse strings and (yes, the hot-button issue) encouragement of prevention and adoption to reduce the need for abortion. Instead, they get a country that looks more like something out of South Park. Except without the calming influence of Chef. Gah.

  3. Hold on — there are real live musicians and recording industry types reading? Would one of you be willing to record a song for me? I don’t know what possesses those folks to sing live but it never fails to amuse me when they do.

  4. Shill, I think you’ve got to say that you will pay them and that you’re not some shady fly-by-night huckster. Did you check out Rex L. Camino’s music? He’s over there in my list of Tennessee Blogs.

  5. Sara Evans could have gotten on stage on American Idol, farted into the microphone and then peed herself and her album sales would have spiked the next day. You ask why Pro-Tools studio musicians sing live… that’s why. Take the number of folks who were planning to buy the Sara Evans album but decided not to because of that performance and compare it to the amount of folks in this NATIONAL audience who will ran out and bought the album today just because they were exposed to it.That’s why she plays live. It sells records. So, you didn’t like the performance. Well, you probably either (1) bought the album already or (2) weren’t going to buy it anyway.Also, consider your audience. If they’re watching "American Idol" for the music, then their taste is pretty pathetic anyway. They’re tuned in a couple of times a week to hear trendy pop sung off key.Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Sara Evans.

  6. I have no idea who Sara Evans is, but I got a new, cool Gorillaz T-Shirt last week as well as a Johnny Cash one as I really dig them.Once again, Evans who?

  7. I will pay you and I’m totally not a shady huckster. Just a flack for a giant corporation. I might insist LE write up a contract though. Just to make sure everybody gets rich. Including you, B.

  8. Um… record industry type… it was Nashville Star not American Idol. And, your point is well made… but that doesn’t mean I have to like it or agree with it. It’s disappointing that "the industry" is willing to settle for a "sub-par product" when there are so many people out there who actually have chops and want to be famous just as much as Ms. Evans. But… that is just the way the cookie crumbles I guess. And… I guess that’s why more and more music consumers like me aren’t listening to the radio anymore.

  9. Pitbulls are one the nicest dogs around. Ive raised pitbulls all my life. Not once have any of my pits been into fights. As a matter of a fact 2 of my pits saved my life from being killed by people who broke into my house. I train for a living. Yes they were used for fighting by fucking idiots but not all people use them for fighting.m Pitbulls are one of the easiest breeds to train and control if you have had them before even if you havent. Its bullshit that people cant have pits walking besides them without a leash. If other people can have their dog walk besides then why cant we. We have to have a muzzle on them then why doesnt everybody else. Yes they get into fights but what dogs dont. All dogs do. Its in thier nature to protect their owner and to protect family members. They might turn on their owners but thats because of the lack of responsibility and because the lack of training. Not all pits are like that. Some animals turn on their but not all of them do. I just read about a poodle that turned on the owners daughter n bit her in the face ripping it apart, so what are we going to do brand poodles as vicious as they have pitbulls. I think they should take out this stupid ass laws and let them be able to do things that other dogs do…Its a Bull shit law!!!!

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