The Secret to Patrick’s’s Green Beans

Patrick’s is this awesome restaurant that I never get to often enough.  Today Huck and I went.  I had the pork po’boy; he had the oyster po’boy.  He had fries.

I had their heavenly delicious green beans.

And, the waitress told me the secret to their green beans–a hint of lemon.

Garlic and lemon.

I knew the garlic, but couldn’t place the lemon.

And, folks, here’s the other exciting thing I thought while eating the green beans: imagine a simple pesto sauce: basil, pine nuts, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil AND lemon juice.  It could totally be my secret pesto ingredient.

Well, except that I just told you.

11 thoughts on “The Secret to Patrick’s’s Green Beans

  1. I thought that WAS pesto sauce?Maybe it’s because I live in Northern California now, but if you substitute pumpkin seed (pepitas) for the nuts, and arugala for the basil, you get a pretty damnfine pesto as well

  2. Yes, all that negative publicity. Next time you write another "Woe is Me" post, would that be part of my evil propaganda machinery or just another tourist brochure from the Aunt B Convention and Visitors Bureau?

  3. Ripley, you already put lemon juice in your pesto? I just had never thought of it. It seems like an easy way to give ordinary pesto a little "something." Pumpkin seeds and arugala, you say? I’ll have to try that.

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  5. I did always put lemon in the pesto!In general, if it’s greens, and there’s garlic involved, I think "lemon". so, cooked kale or chard, green beans, pesto.. I suppose occasionally (if it’s mexican inspired) I think "lime" and add TOASTED pumpkin seeds on top. But the regular pesto with untoasted pumpkin seeds and lemon tastes really pesto-y and good. Ideally I try to give it an hour or so to let the flavors blend and mellow, but usually I’m not a good enough planner and eat it fresh (still good) and mellowed with extra parmesan.oof I’m hungry now!

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