What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

The Butcher just called claiming that the house is clean, all except his room, and that he’s now going off to play because it’s his day off.

Dear Reader, I ask you, he cleaned all the carpeted areas in only two hours?

Okay, answer me this: that’s the worst that can happen?

The place does not meet the landlord’s threshold for cleanliness and what?

10 thoughts on “What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

  1. and what, indeed. Quit worrying. The longevity of a tenant is huge to a landlord. They HATE the turnover, because it means they actually have to do stuff. I actually had someone rent me an apartment, no credit check, no reference check, because I had been in my prior apartment for 13 years.

  2. Your landlord is a douche. What are you worried about? He won’t let you go to Six Flags if your room isn’t clean?He won’t fix the door or the plumbing, but when he says, "Jump." you say, "How high, Massa?" Here’s an idea. Next time the douche demands you spend your time cleaning up for him to sell your shelter out from under you, stand up and in a clear, steady voice say, "When you fix the shit here I have asked you to take care of, I will be happy to comply. Until then, go suck a dick."Despite all your cooter talk, you really should grow a pair.

  3. God, how awesome would it be if you and I were friends the way you and Exador are friends? You could drive me around town while I punched you and talked to all your cute friends on the phone.I am totally growing a pair, just for that purpose.

  4. Fuck you both. Sarcastro, you should be very thankful I was NOT wearing my seatbelt, otherwise, I would have puked all over the INSIDE of your truck.No good deed goes unpunished.

  5. It’s Murphy’s Law. Because this one time the Butcher actually did clean up and vacuum like you asked him to, the Landlord and realtor will not show up. Besides it’s going to storm this afternoon, they will be at your door at 8am tomorrow morning with about 10 minutes warning after you trash the house tonight. Murphy’s law.

  6. "Fuck you both."Yes, yes, of course! What took you so long to suggest it?Saraclark, you don’t even know how true that is.Also, Boy Scout, when you fuck Sarcastro, what will your policy on filming it be? I mean, just for private use, of course.

  7. Let’s see here:1. I can burn that film to DVD or post it streaming on the web for subscription acess (we need to make a little $ from this).2. Murphy’s Law-your oft maligned Mrs. Wigglebottom will snuggle the potential buyers and the orange cat will piss on them.3. The bottom floor of our building contains the most secure computer hub bunker in the southeast and we all took shelter there. It is supposed to be nuclear proof in this post 9/11 world. That’s what I learned today.

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