I’m Sure the Neighbor Has Mixed Emotions

Our neighbor came over to use our phone to call his wife because he’d locked himself out of his side of the cardboard box we call home.

It took the Butcher a matter of seconds to let him back in.

Yep, there’s nothing like that moment when you realize that anybody with a credit card has free entry into your house to give you the willies.

I recommended he start using the deadbolt.

3 thoughts on “I’m Sure the Neighbor Has Mixed Emotions

  1. Yeah, I’ll never forget the day we locked ourselves out and I opened two doors with my YMCA card to get back in. We locked the deadbolt after that.

  2. That’s funny. I exclusively use a Y card to get into my office on campus; it’s a lot faster than using the keys. I do get some eye-popping looks from students, though.

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