Random Small Things

1.  On Saturday, I looked in my bank account and saw that I had $13.95 and that there was a pending authorization for $15.95 due to come out today.  I also saw that, if I transferred money, the bank wasn’t going to post it until today.  So, I put $50 in checking.  But I was still waiting to see if I’d end up in that shitty banking limbo where you overdraw even though you have money in there, because of the order in which shit happens.  But, so far so good.  My money’s in there.  The money that’s coming out hasn’t come out yet.

2.  There’s something to be said about poor people being constantly under police surveillance in a way that non-poor people aren’t that is applicable to banning certain breeds of dogs from the dog parks.  But I can’t figure out how to articulate it.  I mean, pitbulls are very popular among poor people.  They are banned from the dog parks.  Even though most people who go to the dog parks don’t have pitbulls, the people at the Shelby Bottoms dog park will have to tolerate an increase in police scrutiny that folks at the other dog parks won’t, because that’s the park where most of the pitbulls are.  Does that make sense?  There’s something important there, but I can’t quite get at it.

3.  Kleinheider is on fire today.  Just check this shit out.  Watch him as he’s

Advising political candidates how to get their voices out there through the joys of blogging.

Misguidedly claiming that there’s nothing that wrong about pouring money into teaching the Bible in public schools.  He comes very close to almost getting what the problem is–"How many dollars do you need to teach one of the basic texts of Western Civilization?"–but then gets off on some tangent about how we need not worry too much about proselytizing.

Tentatively trying out some feminism.

Taking on the nightmarish nonsense that is this idea that we must go to war with Iran.

Refusing to wear his seatbelt.  Who pays for your hospital bill if you don’t die, Kleinheider?  If the tax payers end up footing the bill for you, shouldn’t we insist you put yourself in safety’s way as much as possible?

Philosophizing about proper blog conduct and when it’s appropriate to delete them (he and I are in agreement–almost never).

4.  Is the problem of grown-ass men who should know better sending naked photos to detectives posing as children a new problem?  An increasing problem?  Or just one that we hear about a lot more because the internet makes it so easy to do and so easy to catch folks?

3 thoughts on “Random Small Things

  1. I think the insurance companies and states should have the right to refuse to pay medical or disability for those that refuse to follow basic rules of safety. OK, fine, choose not to wear your helmet, but remember that when you lose your home to the hospital.Harsh? Yes.More effective than a twenty-five dollar fine? Who knows.

  2. "Kleinheider is on fire today"Today? I think we all know I am a constant conflagration."Who pays for your hospital bill if you don’t die, Kleinheider?"Well, with added freedom would come added responsibility. If I become cauliflower Kleinheider, you’re welcome to pull the plug if I my veggie bill goes unpaid.

  3. Shoot, I like you too much to do that. No, I’ll just fund your life support through taking inappropriate photos of you propped up in strange poses–"Here’s Kleinheider reading and enjoying the thoughtful insights of Andrea Dworkin"–and selling them on the internet.

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