Still Not Easter

I should have probably been suspicious when the Butcher said that he’d also talked to the recalcitrant brother last night that I was being set up, but I am an idiot at times.

So, the Butcher informs me that it’s Passover.

I’m immediately like "See, I totally didn’t fuck up this Easter shit.  I’m just celebrating historic Easter, not church Easter."

So, I called my dad and left him a message to that effect.

As many of you know, it’s not Passover either.

I’m so not answering the phone when my dad calls me back. 

2 thoughts on “Still Not Easter

  1. It’s Holy Week. Close enough.Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which marks Jesus’ triumphal enry into Jerusalem.Wednesday after sundown is the first night of Pesach.Thursday is the first full day of Pesach. It’s also Maundy Thursday–the night of the Last Supper and Jesus’ apprehension in the Garden and trial.Friday is Good FridaySunday is Easter.The 8th day of Pesach is Thursday, April 20.So, just tell your dad you were wishing him Happy Easter to kick off Holy Week. He’ll be so proud.

  2. I hate Easter… almost as much as I hate Thanksgiving.It’s got nothing to do with the religious stuff. It’s all to do with my family’s constant parade of issue dodging and political politeness. We all love each other, sure, but the amount of pomp and circumstance we go through to bear each other’s company is exhausting beyond misery.Plus, it was on a Thanksgiving that my dog was poisoned. So it’s been pretty easy to hate ever since.Easter poses it’s own brand of disappointment for me this year. I’ll be out of town and I won’t be able to catch ‘The Legendary Shack Shakers’ at the Mercy Lounge on Saturday night. A cryin’ shame, I know.Oh well. At least we’ll all be drunk, again. It just ain’t a huck-family-reunion without the booze.

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