A Little Help from My Conservative Readers

Tom Kovach wants my vote.  Of course, he’s not going to get it.

I will, however, buy a beer for the first person who can explain the “confessed Rhodes ‘scholar'” part of this attack: “The incumbent Democrat is Jim Cooper — a confessed Rhodes ‘scholar’, dedicated to global Socialism. ”

Is there some belief among certain right-wingers that the Rhodes scholar program is some kind of vast left-wing conspiracy?  What’s the deal?  Why is being a confessed Rhodes scholar a bad thing?

10 thoughts on “A Little Help from My Conservative Readers

  1. Painting him as an intellectual elitist type who doesn’t care about the working man who drinks beer and watches Nascar. Same thing went on with Kerry. Though I don’t think anyone tried to make it a liability with Clinton.

  2. There are a lot of right-wing conspiracy theorists that believe, in short (crude paraphrasal) that Rhodes was part of a conspiracy to create a global powerhouse/financial network, as roughly outlined in Carroll Quigley’s book "Tragedy and Hope".It was used to lambast Clinton as a new-world-order conspirator during his administration. I think Kovach is (obliviously/obliquely) referencing that, and conflating it with socialism, which is amusing, since they are pretty different conspiratorial charges.

  3. I doubt most of his constituents have any feeling (or knowledge) about Rhodes scholarships. This was just a way to rile right-wing voters by shouting, "NERDS!"

  4. Did anyone ever explain to these chuckleheads that Cecil Rhodes was a central architect of British colonialism in the African Cape and Transvaal and led his own private paramilitary organization into Mashonaland to take over what’s now Zimbabwe and Zambia? When he said he wanted to paint the African map "red," he wasn’t talking about socialism! He was an unbashed white supremacist (both racial and cultural) and while he did indeed leave money in his will to found a secret society, it was with the aim of extending British rule throughout the whole "productive" world (including the US). That’s hardly a left-wing project and bears little relationship to the aims of the Rhodes Scholarship, which funds foreign nationals to study at his alma mater.

  5. Okay, B. I went to the website, I saw his digital picture with his witty, devil may care grin and I went to read his letter over at NCP.I am so glad I live in northwest Tennessee right now. Of course I’m dealing with James Hart, so we all got issues.Thanks for the enlightenment.

  6. Actually, if you had bothered to click the link on the Web page that you quote, you would’ve seen that there is a thoroughly documented article that describes both Cecil Rhodes and his program in great detail.Participants in the Rhodes "scholar" program must take a pledge to support global socialism. That is the price of their "free" education at Oxford University. And, yes, Bill Clinton was another graduate of that program. Clinton protested against the United States, during time of war, in a foreign country.Cecil Rhodes was a Socialist. He used his vast diamond-mining fortune (acquired via slave labor) to take over a country (Zimbabwe) and name it after himself (Rhodesia). He painted parts of Africa red with the blood of those that tried to resist him. It’s all in the article that is linked from the Web page. Read it for yourself.Everyone is free to have opinions. But, those opinions are more credible if they are based upon facts. Opinions without facts are "lame".

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