How to Tell if You are as Great as the Butcher

1.  Did you leave me $150 by the television?

2.  Did you leave me pizza in the fridge for dinner?

3.  Did you leave me M&Ms for dessert?

4.  What about milk?  Did you leave me the last of the milk?

If you did not answer yes to all of those questions, you are not as great as the Butcher.

At least, not today.

4 thoughts on “How to Tell if You are as Great as the Butcher

  1. Are you sure? Because it’s not like I told the Butcher to his face that I thought he was so awesome. To his face, I totally played it cool. Your sister might just be denying you the satisfaction of knowing how delighted she is with you. We’re tricky like that.

  2. My sister may actually end up living at Sarcastro’s Home For Wayward Girls. She’s a bit wayward. On the good side, the guys she likes to date are the kind of guys that Sarcastro would shoot for being on his property.

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