Those of you who read this on some kind of feed–help

New posts from Tiny Cat Pants are not showing up on Bloglines.

Neither are new posts from Sarcastro, so, you know, it’s a mixed blessing.

Ha, no, I kid.

My question for the rest of you is whether non-Bloglines people are having similar problems.  I’m trying to figure out if it’s a Squarespace problem or a Bloglines problem, so, if those of you who use some other kind of feed could just let me know if you’re still able to read TCP, that would help.

Ha, of course, if you aren’t getting new entries, you won’t get this entry.

This will be the most futile cry for help, ever.

Okay, not most ever, but certainly the most full of hyperbole you’ve read today.

4 thoughts on “Those of you who read this on some kind of feed–help

  1. Everytime you refer to this place as TCP, it cracks me up. I’m reminded of Elvis’ TCB medallion for "Takin’ Care of Business." But then I have to change it to "Takin’ Care of Pussy."As in the tiny cat, of course.

  2. "Takin’ Care of Pussy." That’s totally what I’m calling my special time with the showerhead from here on out.

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