She Looks like a Dog, but She is a Camera Hog!

The recalcitrant brother had a camera phone, so of course, I used it to take pictures of Mrs. Wigglebottom. She likes the camera, but… well, you’ll see.

Check these out. I don’t know what that red stuff by her eye is. It’s not there in real life. And I know some of you are afraid of dogs from the pit bull breeds. But no worries. She won’t bite.





Reason #2 We Don’t Have Farting Contests With Children

"Aunt B.?  Aunt B.?  Can you bring me new underpants?"

"What happened to the underpants you had on?  Put those back on."

"No. They have dookie in them."

"Fair enough."

"Will you wipe me?"

"You can wipe yourself."

"No I can’t.  It’s a big mess."

And folks, yes, yes it was.  We just did without wiping and went straight up to the bath.  It seemed the only feasible solution to a terrible problem.

So, okay, no more farting contests with the nephews, at least not until they get a little older.