9 thoughts on “Also, Behold the Butcher!

  1. God, you’re right. I kind of want to beat that guy up myself. (‘Course I would need some help from three or so of my buddies, and if that yaller bran’ kid comes around all bets are off.)

  2. that is horrifying…he looks like a confederate solider. since when does b– *ahem* the butcher have red hair?

  3. Isn’t that funny? His facial hair is totally red, but his head hair, when he has it, is brown, as usual.

  4. Cool. I am all about the Butcher. He looks sort of like a cool seventies movie where he would star as the funkadelic best friend, maybe in Harold and Maude (if there had been a funkadelic best friend in that movie but alas)Hi Mister Buster.

  5. He looks like the guy who used to drive the Ice Cream truck when I was a little kid. He sold me those red,white & blue Bomb Pop things.They cost thirty-five cents. I was kind of afraid of him.

  6. He had a mohawk until last week. This week, it’s a giant red mustache. He’s still considering his options for next week, but my bet is that he’ll shave is eyebrows off and draw them back on with a sharpie.

  7. I love that he has a big red beard and moustache. I hope he becomes a pirate. Or the tsar. Either one.

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