She Looks like a Dog, but She is a Camera Hog!

The recalcitrant brother had a camera phone, so of course, I used it to take pictures of Mrs. Wigglebottom. She likes the camera, but… well, you’ll see.

Check these out. I don’t know what that red stuff by her eye is. It’s not there in real life. And I know some of you are afraid of dogs from the pit bull breeds. But no worries. She won’t bite.





9 thoughts on “She Looks like a Dog, but She is a Camera Hog!

  1. Ha, I was all like "My god! How’d you know?" And then I see they’re in the back of every photo. The nephew was feeding them to her like crazy.

  2. Our evil Cat-Killing Neighbor’s grandkids were at his house this weekend for Easter and brought their new puppy with them. She’s a pit and looks as though she could be Mrs. W’s pup, right down to the white "sandals" and white tip on on her lovely whippy tail. My mother was all wound up about "how they could have a pit bull around those little kids," and I reminded her that despite his father being Evil, the boy-daddy of the kids and pit pup is a responsible fella who’s already got Miss Pup in obedience training. (She clearly already knows who Alpha and Beta dogs are in the family.) Also, she and the kids are the same ages and sizes. Also, she’s a female and will be fixed when she’s six months old. So they’re taking every precaution they can to ensure that she grows up to be a fine loving dog like the amazing Mrs. W. The only thing she lacks, it seems, is an Aunt B of her own. Poor deprived pup.Kisses to the beauteous Mrs. W!

  3. That series of pictures tells the story of a pitbull attack, as the victim documents her last moments on earth, followed by the dog taking a post-killing nap.Who knows who took the last pic?

  4. Oh, you’re so funny. I cannot believe that a big old man like you is so afraid of a cute little dog like her.It is a series of photos depicting what it’s like to get licked by her, that’s for sure. Which, I believe, you’d quite enjoy.

  5. What a sweetie, Mrs. Wigglebottom has been outed on the internet. I always pictured her brown, I don’t know why. She should get to go to the park.Does she like all kinds of peanuts or just certain ones? One of our cats is a potato chip whore and will do anything to get a potato chip, but only the plain ones.

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