11 thoughts on “Good Thing I’m Made Out of Money

  1. Oh, B. Perhaps this is a good move for him since he hates his job so much. I just hope that he uses this as an impetus to get a new one that he likes better.

  2. I once thought that, by quitting cold turkey, it would impel me to not settle and to hustle to find that new job and get my life going.I quit Jan 1. ’05. I got a job substitute teaching in mid Feb.I got a real job in April. And not one I would call a dream job at that.So best of luck to the buthcer, but I hope you have some savings.

  3. Ok, this is the time on TCP where we TCB — Take Care of Butcher. You have many readers in the Nashville metro area. Chances are that some of them know somebody that knows somebody that might have heard of a job for which he could apply. This is that stuff called networking that job applicants are urged to do. It would help if we knew Butcher’s previous job experience, what kind of skills he has, his interests, what kind of job you think he would totally love but might not think to look for himself, etc.

  4. Bridgett, how am I supposed to wallow in self-pity when you come up with an executable plan that makes me feel hopeful?

  5. Encourage him to get a job that’s within walking distance.At least he gave his 2 week notice. That’s far more grown up than storming out in righteous indignation.Does he have any idea what he wants to do?He should start looking immediately. It always takes three times longer than you expect, to get a job. Otherwise, you grab whatever you can, which just puts you back in the same problem.

  6. Yeah, that’s true. Putting in your two weeks in righteous indignation is a big step up from the usual.He’s trying to get on back at Kroger or at the grocery store down the hill. He could easily ride his bike to either of those stores.

  7. Didn’t this happen before? Seems like one of the first posts I read a year ago was about the Butcher quitting. You worried, and it worked out.

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