Am I a Good Man?

Okay, y’all.  Check this song out, right now–“Am I a Good Man?” by Them Two.  Yes, you have to sit through all of’s bullshit, but it’s worth it.

And then try to tell me you did not get chills at the very beginning when it starts out “Am I a good man?  Am I a fool?  Am I weak? Or am I just playing it cool?”

After that, listen for the funky way the song keeps trying to break out of its sad way (like under “Still I work day and night for her”), but can’t quite do it.  That’s really nice, the way the song lets you know that, yes, he is a fool, because that relationship isn’t going anywhere, just like that song is never going to break into something you can shake your ass to.

2 thoughts on “Am I a Good Man?

  1. I wish they’d had more information about Them Two, but it’s Salon. You can’t hope for much. I’m glad you liked it.

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