Three Ring Circle

After work we went to the CD launch party for Three Ring Circle, a string trio.  They had the cutest food and these tall narrow glasses for beer.

My favorite voice in town was there and I got to hear it say “Hey, B.” which was more than enough to make me grin like an idiot.

Anyway, the party was in the BMI building, which is one of the rights groups here in town, ASCAP being the other one.  The BMI building is a weird looking stone and glass mess… like if a pyramid and one of those old Styrofoam Big Mac containers had a baby.

But inside?  God, it’s an English major’s wet dream.  The vestibule is this huge open area in all earthtones and there are all kinds of bits of literature written on the walls.  And it looks all suave and sophisticated and yet, they have these big rocking chairs.

Just beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Three Ring Circle

  1. Oh, no wonder. I had my "Better Living Through Recordings of Women Screaming Orgasmic Sexual Innuendo" tape on all night, so I didn’t hear it.

  2. BMI was once one of my customers and it was always my favorite building to hang out in. I love the quotes that are caligraphied on the walls. Such a simple thing that looks so elegant. The lobby rocks as an entertainment space, but did you get to go upstairs? The penthouse suite has the weirdest paint job ever but an awesome view. I also loved the fact that the loading dock walls were painted bright purple and had big shiny metal plates like the kind they make tool boxes out of attached to the walls for protection.

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