A Brief Explanation

Listen, y’all.  I know it’s not been very much fun around here lately.  I’m sorry about that.  I know it’s not much fun to watch and that it seems like, if I’d just get my head out of my ass and stop dwelling on the bad shit, things would be fine.  I appreciate that sentiment.

But this is how things go.

Ninety to ninety-five percent of my life is amazingly awesome.  I have good people around me and good luck and a job I love and a cute little place to live at the end of a sunny street and a happy dog.

I’ve also got some unpleasant shit that comes up from time to time and demands I tend to it.  Most people would not tend to wrestle their demons in public.  I respect that, but I find doing it publicly to be one of the best ways for me to see them for their true size and not be overwhelmed by them.

I know it’s not fun to watch.  Again, I’m sorry about that.  But it’s what I have to do to deal with things.  It’s hard right now.  I feel like I’m under a tremendous amount of pressure and I can’t articulate where that pressure’s coming from.  But it’s okay.  It sucks right now, but it’s really going to be fine.  Things will shift and shift again and I’ll get back to normal.

Just hang with me.

5 thoughts on “A Brief Explanation

  1. Why are you defending your right to say what you want on your blog or excusing what it is you’ve chosen to say? Haven’t you posted about the very limited obligations you have to your readers (okay, so this isn’t about obligations as much as courtesy and respect and hoping to keep them all coming back for more, fine)? Still, I wish you would not justify your feelings to me. Feel them, express them, hide them, explain them even, whatever. I’m there with you.

  2. "Why are you defending your right to say what you want on your blog or excusing what it is you’ve chosen to say?"Because it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want.(I hope you see the meta-humor in that. It’s supposed to be funny–it cracks me up when I read it–but I’m afraid it comes across bitchy.)

  3. yeah B, that was funny. I should have caught on to that faster. I had a LONG and LOUD argument list night about the difference between being a hypocrit and enacting a performative contradiction and when, if at all, either or both undermines the conent of one’s argument. This seems a clear case of a performative contradiction, but I don’t think I undermined my own point with it. Right?

  4. No, your point was valid and good. And "enacting a performative contradiction"???? I love it. I put it on the "about" page.

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