Pet Patterns

I never shut the blinds in my room.  There’s no need to.  We have nobody across the street from us except the interstate and the retaining wall keeps anyone from seeing anything exciting.

I like the way the morning sun comes over the wall and in through the window.  It lands first on the bed and then makes its way onto the floor and then out the doorway into the hall.

The animals migrate with it, always napping in fits and starts so that they can travel with the sunny spot until it’s gone.

Every sunny day they do this.

It makes you wonder.

One thought on “Pet Patterns

  1. Yeah, that is what I miss most since Bailey’s been gone: stepping all over her, following her body throughout the warm spots in the house: up each stair as the sun moved, on parts of the rug, in the foyer in the afternoon. The cat does it too, but it’s not the same.

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