The Man From GM Has My Number

"So, why aren’t you answering your phone?"


"Don’t even try to lie to me.  I know you.  When you stop answering your phone, something is wrong.  Your brother has done some dumbass thing.  Somebody you put too much faith in has said something shitty to you.  Or you’re fed up with someone at work.  Do you want me to take care of it?  I only have to show a driver’s licence to get a gun."

"You’re going to start shooting people for me."

"No, just scaring them a little bit."


"So, buck up, B.  You think you’ve got it tough, look at my new job."

"That looks like a dream job for you.  What’s so bad about that?"

"The closest I’m going to get to any bunnies is the logo on my shirt."