The Surprise Edition

The Jackass Mowing His/Her Lawn at Seven this Morning–One star

I’ll admit that, if we were scoring based on annoyance, you’d have five full golden stars, because, really, waking me up after six hours of sleep on a Saturday morning is, to me, very annoying.  But I’m only awarding you one star because you don’t even have the excuse of it being hot.  If it were going to be 95 today, by all means, mow the lawn before it gets unbearable.  But today is supposed to be beautiful, so, unless you’re mowing early so that you can get out on your boat ASAP, you really suck.  And, if you have a boat and you wake me up and don’t take me out on it, you suck even worse.

Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke–Four stars

I met Rachel for lunch yesterday and grabbed what I thought was a regular old Diet Coke out of the cooler.  It wasn’t until I took a sip that I thought, “Hey!  This is good, what is it?”  I would have never tried it on purpose, but I’d have it again.

That Japanese Restaurant by 440–Two and a half stars.

It’s good but not outstanding and it’s expensive.

The Sunny Spot Mrs. Wigglebottom is Asleep in as We Speak–Five stars.

She is sound asleep, making the most darling tiny snoring noises, with one paw tucked up under her face and the others all stretched out as far as they’ll reach.  The sunny spot is large enough that her whole body fits in it quite nicely.

2 thoughts on “The Surprise Edition

  1. Yep, that’s the place. You should try it, because I’d definitely take your word over mine about good sushi places, but taste wise, I found it to be similar to Ken’s but much more expensive and I like Ken’s just fine, but I also like paying what you pay at Ken’s for what you get at Ken’s, if you know what I mean. And the miso soup had a weird kind of sharp lemon taste to it that seemed out of place with the rest of the tastes in the soup.But, in all fairness, it could be that my taste is the problem, not the place.

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