Things I Did Today vs. Things I Should Do Today

In three hours, a playwright is coming over to interview me about my weird-ass religious beliefs.  I told her to come over here because I thought it might be helpful for her to see my religious accouterments.  Everything I have that is of any interest in that regard is in my bedroom.  No problem, she says.  Which just goes to show that it’s oh so easy to get cute chicks upstairs, but I still for the life of me can’t figure out how to entice the Wayward Boy Scout into straying into my boudoir*.

Anyway, today, I should pick up and do the dishes.

Instead, I’ve been to the park.  I took a nap.  I ate some lunch. I blogged.  I sat around outside.  I did some laundry.  I laughed hard at Preston Taylor Holmes’s** live-blogging of his garage sale and then at the ensuing comments.  I’ll admit that, usually, Six Meat Buffet is not that interesting to me***, because almost every post is reducible to: "See how much those hypocritical liberals suck and cannot wait to enact their commie pinko genocide of America?  We should round them all up and shoot them."

But the liveblogging of the garage sale?  Genius.  And I say that as a person predisposed to snottily dismiss anything written over there.

Anyway, I’m nervous and excited about the interview.  I just hope I don’t come off like a doofus. But I guess, at heart, everyone’s religious beliefs are a little doofussy to outsiders.  I do need to pick up some, though.



*I guess he’s not wayward enough to suit me.

**Is it just me or would The Preston Taylor Homes be the perfect name for some public housing?

***Not like they’re sitting around waiting for Tiny Cat Pants to update, either, in all fairness.

5 thoughts on “Things I Did Today vs. Things I Should Do Today

  1. Chicago, until recently, had a whole slew of highrise projects called the Robert Taylor Homes on da sout’side.Are you going to be buring sage for your interviewer?

  2. I especially love how they tried to pin Charlie Sheen’s penchant for crack addicted hookers and child pornography on liberals. It was a stretch, but by God, I assure you, Hillary Clinton is to blame for this shit somehow. That pinko-commie shrew.

  3. Peg–The Butcher and I have a "no stinky burning plants" in the house truce at the moment, so no sage for our interview. I did show her my raccoon penis bone, though.Fritz–Well, I think once we accept that Clinton is to blame for everything, they agree to shoot us in the head so that we can have a quick death, as opposed to what the leaders of NOW get, where they’re left to die in the streets after having their arms and legs cut off. So, there’s that.Boy Scout–It was either flee the country or make an inexcusable ass of myself following you around all weekend begging you to do bad things with me. I chose the path that would leave me with some dignity and a heap of "what if"s. Clearly, it was the wrong decision.

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