“We used to shit in the same rivers we drank out of.”

Y’all I got distracted and forgot to tell you the most brilliant thing that Rachel from Women’s Health News said to me at lunch on Friday.

We were talking about feminism and I was saying to her how I have a hard time figuring out how to respond when folks are like, “Well, it’s just always been that way.  You can’t expect things to change.”  And she said this awesome thing: “We used to shit in the same rivers we drank out of.  Eventually, we figured out that it was making us sick, so we changed.”

And it’s true.  No one says, “Well, people drank from feces-laden water for thousands of years, so I’m just going to put a straw in the toilet and enjoy.”


8 thoughts on ““We used to shit in the same rivers we drank out of.”

  1. Hey B, research where the wastewater treatement plant discharges, how often it has overflowed, and where the water treatement plant gets its water from.

  2. W., let me remind you:English Majors: Concerned with Great Truths.Engineers: Concerned with Literal Truths.Don’t ruin my brilliant tirades with your facts.

  3. W,And in any case, the point still holds that at some point we realized cleaner water was a necessity, and built wastewater treatment plants so we could drink stuff that wasn’t as horrid. Human realizations don’t always translate into perfect human solutions, but the point was that it translated into change.Lunch with B was awesome. :)

  4. I know Rachel. I wasn’t trying to diminish your point. I just like to point these things out to B from time to time just to keep her from getting to unsufferable. ;-) And make my own point about the general ickyness of the Cumberland River.

  5. W – got it. I was actually a geology major in college, and spent a January and a summer taking samples and plating for e.coli from rivers around the Smokies. We should get together and talk dirty water and other pursuits of the nerdly. :)

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