Things I Like About You, Gentlemen

1.  I’m a little in awe of how strong and open some of you are.  It’s not a kind of masculinity I’m very familiar with–strong, open, up-front honesty that feels agenda-less.  But I like it and I always feel very honored to be in its presence.  There are a couple of you, specifically, who, I think, inherently get what it means that strength is as much about making the people around you feel safe as it is about being able to kick ass, even if you claim that you don’t.

2.  I also feel very honored that you often disagree with me… okay, regularly disagree with me and still come back for more.  I pick on you, but I learn so much from you.  I really hope you get that.

3.  I’m amazed at how generous you are with yourselves.  We hear so much about how men don’t share things, they don’t express their feelings, etc.  With y’all, I don’t find that to be the case.

4.  Y’all are some funny motherfuckers and smart.  Again, we often hear about how knowledge lately is all vertical, that people know as much as there is to know about their little corner of the world and have no knowledge or interest in other things.  But you guys make me feel connected to people who are connected to the world.

5.  Even though I suspect that most of you hate all the feminist talk, and I know, because you won’t shut up about it, that you really do believe that this is just how things are and women just need to learn to suck it up, you make me feel hopeful that things between us in the future will be better than they were in the past and better than they are now.

So, thanks.

Also, you have magnificent penises.  Each and every one of you.  Now that I have the car back, I’ve spent a lot of time driving around and peeping in your windows, so I know what I’m talking about.

7 thoughts on “Things I Like About You, Gentlemen

  1. I dunno if I’m on your peeping list or not, but I just have to say…. I impress myself every morning when I go into the bathroom to pee.

  2. I did say "each and every one of you." On a related note, I think your white socks are looking a little dingy. Are you washing them on "hot" or just throwing everything in together on "cold"?

  3. Try taking a morning pee with one. Or inadvertandly using one to stop a ground ball while playing third base. But that aside, they are nice when we use them to make you ladies call out to the deity.

  4. I find them cute. And I kind of like that they take up space awkwardly; it’s part of their charm.

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