Headbutts for Everyone!

I was just sitting down to write my ode to the brilliance and marvelosity of Dr. J when I looked over and saw that the dog was curled up under the window and that the tiny cat was headbutting her.

You know how cats do, when they want to love up on you, they will butt their heads against you?  Well, the tiny cat is totally butting her head against the dog’s.  Mrs. Wigglebottom does not know what to think, I tell you.

And now?  Now the cat is curled up against Mrs. Wigglebottom’s belly and the dog is looking like it’s Christmas.  Those of you who have been here through all the trauma of the cats not giving Mrs. Wigglebottom the time of day can imagine how excited she is.

Aw, shit.  She couldn’t bear it.  The happiness was too much.  She got up and came over here, tail wagging.  And now the cat is shooting her dirty looks.

But briefly, briefly there was cat on dog cuddling in my house!  It’s only taken five years, but cuddling has occurred.

3 thoughts on “Headbutts for Everyone!

  1. I share your joy. At one time I had cats who would actually curl up and sleep ON my dog. The dog looked a little nervous, because the cats had put him in his place a few times, but the cats loved it.

  2. We used to have a black lab named Duke and a black cat named Merlin and when Duke would curl up in the sun for a nap, Merlin would curl up on top of him. They were just this big black mass of happy mammal napping in the sun. It was most cute.

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