In Which You, Dear Reader, Help Me

The Shill is going to be here this weekend for the big race, along with her friend and Tiny, the wonder fetus.

I need to know of a good, but inexpensive, restaurant for pasta on Friday night and I need to know whether the long-rumored BBQ joint in Berry Hill is going to be open by Saturday.  If not, where should I take them?

Keep in mind, Tiny is leeching off the Shill and Tiny can’t have alcohol or overly smoky conditions.

13 thoughts on “In Which You, Dear Reader, Help Me

  1. Tiny, however, does like a good virgin daiquiri or margarita. And is quite fond of Skittles fruit candies. Not that any of this has anything to do with pasta or BBQ. A great BBQ place would be fantastic for Saturday evening.

  2. Perhaps we could be part of a test audience? Or whatever they call the dress rehearsal things restaurants do.

  3. There’s a BBQ joint that opened up in the old Cafe 123 across from 12th & Porter. It’s Texas BBQ, if you like it. And it’s no smoking inside.

  4. Jag’s BBQ joint in question is Judge Bean’s and they rock. They were formerly on Wedgewood. Their brisket is awesome, but basically it is all good and not too expensive. Could be a good choice.

  5. The potato salad and corn on the cob at Judge Bean’s rock as well. If you are a Native Nashvillian, you’d insist on Mary’s on Jefferson Street (it’s a window — so you eat elsewhere) or Cantrell’s for authentic TN Q.For inexpensive pasta, I’d say Mama Mia’s.

  6. The Demos downtown is good as well. Also, I think Mama Mias is best for pasta. It’s off Harding Place at I-65.

  7. I am not big on starch, so I don’t have varied experience, but believe it or not Caesar’s in Lion’s Head (is it still called Lion’s Head?) is pretty good, if you can tolerate the Generic Overtly Italian Atmosphere and god help you if Caesar decides to sing.

  8. I believe the joint you are talking about in Berry Hill is called Mothership BBQ on Columbine Place, and it should be open in a couple of weeks. Right now, the owner is having to do some unforseen things like put in a handicapped bathroom and build a 24-goddam-foot-fucking ramp to my, er, uh, his two foot high front porch before he is allowed to open. There is "test" BBQ available occasionally, In fact, he just bought about 70 lbs. of pork, chicken ribs and brisket which, once slowed smoked to a juicy hickory infused goodness, will be available to those who ask nicely. He doesn’t know if it will be available by Saturday. He is pretty busy putting in tall toilets and building ramps.

  9. Please can I have some hickory infused goodness? If it were available by Saturday, I would owe you. In fact, if you could pull that off, we would rename Tiny the Wonder Fetus after you. We’d call it Tiny the Anonymous Meat Expert Wonder Fetus. You’d have to say that’s quite an honor.

  10. For pasta, I’d recommend Tangredi’s Italian Kitchen, on Elliston Place (where Chez Jose used to be). Who is running? Aunt B, or Shill and Tiny?

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