Republicans Want to Give Me $100

Who comes up with this shit

Senate Republicans want to give taxpayers $100 to counter high gas prices.  Gee, thanks, Senate Republicans.   Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve actually purchased your own gas but when gas is $3 a gallon, $100 only gets you thirty three gallons of gas.  For me, that’s a little more than two full tanks.

So, that takes me through May, if I don’t go anywhere too out of the way.  Then what?  Gas will be miraculously cheap again?  I doubt it.

Maybe they think that, if they give us each $100, we’ll spend it on booze, thus temporarily not giving a shit how much gas costs*.




*On the other hand, if we each get $100 to spend on gas, some of you could spend it on driving to Nashville and giving me birthday smooches.

All, right, then, Senate Republicans!  Let’s get this passed and the checks issued before the 22nd.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Want to Give Me $100

  1. Wouldn’t it just be less paperwork to temporarily eliminate the federal tax on gas rather than to collect it and then return it? Wouldn’t it also be more "fair" to make sure that the people who buy gas actually save the money? I’m wondering here about city dwellers without cars, do they get the $100 too?Oh and, gas is still entirely too cheap. We need it to get more expensive in order for us to get free from oil and get out of dangerous Middle East politics. This is all just a secret plan for Republicans, who make money from wars and oil and oil wars, to actually make more money, not save the American economy or the American people.

  2. Don’t worry B, I haven’t read one conservative blogger who thinks that is a good idea either. However, a temporary lifting of the federal gas tax for 120 days (the summer driving months when gas gets most expensive) may work. The fed gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, while most oil companies only makes 8 to 9 cents per gallon.That’s right, the Federal gov’t makes more off of gas than the oil companies.And I bet you that 18.4 cents over 120 days would save a lot more than $100.

  3. Still, though, I would love for the government to provide incentives for people to drive to Nashville and give me birthday smooches… I know it’s not going to do anything for the economy one way or another, but a line of hot folks outside my door and me with nothing to do but smooch on them? i can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday.

  4. Hell, B, I’ll gas up the Junebug myself and come up and apply birthday smooches. No damn dirty GOP has to pay me to make a 30-minute drive. Plus, I need to go to Grimey’s. Yay!xoxoxoxo

  5. Shoot, this asking for birthday smooches thing is turning out much better than I anticipated.

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