2 Degrees of Separation

Y’all, you can, if you ignore the fact that we emerged out of the same cooter and now live together, connect the Butcher and me in just two degrees.

Check this.  I have a reader, we’ll call her “E” and the Butcher has a friend, we’ll call her “S.”  E saw a picture of the Butcher here and then saw a picture of the Butcher over at S’s place and, apparently, E was all like, “What the fuck?  That looks like the same dude!”  She asked S about it, but S only knows the Butcher and E only knows Tiny Cat Pants.  No one was really sure if he was the same guy or not.

So, a flurry of emails between S and the Butcher are exchanged and there it is.  The Butcher knows someone who knows someone who knows me.

I don’t know why that tickles the shit out of me, but it does.

One thought on “2 Degrees of Separation

  1. ha, that’s EXACLY what I thought – word for word, except I don’t use the word "dude" often. To me, that word is passe’.I never forget a face – It’s a curse of an almost photographic memory.(Glad that gave you a laugh.)E

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