Don’t Ask Why

How much do you think it’s going to cost to replace my car door?  Is there a website where I can look shit like that up?

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  1. You can go to to get a somewhat accurate cost for parts, but labor is a tossup, and in my experience (which is vast, sadly), you just have to get an estimate. They’re free, at least.

  2. Do you have a junkyard handy? If you aren’t too car-proud, you can usually get body parts much cheaper there — but this is something best done in consultation with the shade-tree mechanic that’s going to be reattaching the door. Since labor costs are the high part, seek ye first the gearhead friend of a friend.

  3. That’s what I’m figuring. It looks like the MSRP on the panel is about $150 and the mirror is about $150 and figuring in the cost to paint it and labor…Yeah, I might call around and see if a junkyard has a passenger side door to a 2003 Dodge Stratus.

  4. Yes, but if I submit it to my insurance, there may be some question about who was driving the car when it was damaged and since that person isn’t on my policy, I’d rather not add that complication. Also, I’ll be damned if my insurance is going to go up because of another party’s idiocy. I’ll just drive around with a dented up door and no mirror until he can raise the cash to fix it.

  5. <i>I’ll just drive around with a dented up door and no mirror until he can raise the cash to fix it.</i>I trust you have grounded his young ass from driving your car for the forseeable future.We can always do the "Save Aunt B’s Deductible" thing on PayPal, too, you know. Because you’re cute and deserve good things to happen to you, too.And "forseeable future" could be extended into the next century, if we do it that way.Smooch!

  6. The greatest used parts guys in the world–Fann’s in Manchester. Everything in the junkyard is computerized and they can tell you on the phone if they have it and the price difference between them taking the part off and you taking the part off. They rock and probably that’s where your parts guy in Nashville is going to get it used.Gone are the days when you could-ahem.."custom" order a part, but they have everything or can direct you to it. Look them up on the web. It could be an adventure and road trip.

  7. We’re getting a rear door replaced this week. The door was $200. Installation will be $400, which includes painting the door to match the car, and pulling out some small, adjacent dents. That’s for a shade tree mechanic we know who does good work at a fair price.

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