A Chance for You Do-Gooders to Do Good

So, as you know, I’ve been working to help organize a summer camp for 13-17 year old girls and I’m really excited about it.  The program, called Act Like a GRRRL! is a three week long program where girls hear from a wide range of women, do some cool, artsy workshop stuff, and then put on a public performance.

Alison Piepmeier, Director of Women’s Studies at the College of Charleston and ALAG Co-Director in 2005 talks about how cool this is and why it’s so important:

Numerous studies have shown that when they hit adolescence, formerly assertive, confident, healthy girls begin to change. They stop excelling in math and science courses, they develop eating disorders and anxieties about their bodies, and many become depressed or engage in cutting, binge drinking, and other self-destructive activities; in short, they begin conforming to the demands of a culture that is often hostile to them. ALAG creates a place for girls to express themselves, to practice speaking out and learning what they have to say, to practice being strong and loud, to practice taking up space. ALAG introduces the girls to strong women–through readings and through guest lectures–who make healthy decisions about their own lives and bodies. ALAG also gives girls the tools to analyze critically the culture in which they live so that they become active change agents rather than passive recipients of cultural messages. ALAG celebrates girls’ strength and girls’ voices and by so doing, promotes girls’ leadership.

Oh how I love that “to practice being strong and loud, to practice taking up space.”  It’s like intensive Tiny Cat Pants.

Anyway, I put together the website, so feel free to mock it all you want.  I still haven’t gotten the pictures quite squared away, as you can see.  Still, it has more information than I’m giving you here, because I find myself suddenly strangely self-conscious.  Yes, ponder that.  I can tell you about all the weird freckles on my tits, but I can’t comfortably express the cool things I’m up to.

But here’s the deal.  We’re still looking for a few more girls, so if you know girls who are in the right age range who would benefit from this kind of thing, please, send them our way.

And, also, we’re trying to raise funds because we’d  like to be able to offer scholarships to many if not all of the girls so that we can have broad socio-economic and ethnic diversity.  I’m no good at asking for money, but if this strikes your feminist fancy, you can find the details about how to make a donation here.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you can give.  Obviously, every little bit helps.  I, for instance, will be donating my vast collection of toenail clippings (Just kidding, Vali!).  The Nashville Knucklehead inadvertently donated Katie Allison from Salon.com, because I saw her on his blog roll and got in touch with her.

So, think about it.  You know, my birthday is the 22nd.  Helping Act Like a GRRRL! would be a wonderful present*.  Just saying.





*From everyone except you, Boy Scout.  You know what I want from you.

Would This Fit on a T-Shirt?

Lindsey sums us up:

Really, this is the kind of discussion that’s Aunt B‘s forte. She’s all the time having to argue with her persnickety alpha male commenters about The Way Things Are and why making women responsible for ending horrific male behavior is sexist on lots of levels.

Oh persnickety alpha male commenters… how I enjoy arguing with you.  Almost as much as I’m going to enjoy thinking, “Oh, god, there goes one of those persnickety alpha male commenters again.” now that you’ve been pegged in four words.

Lindsey, you are a genius.


Golden Thai

I just got back from dinner at the Golden Thai restaurant on White Bridge road.  I had this thing.  I don’t know what it’s called.  But it was peanut sauce over meat over the most succulent baby spinach ever.  It was so good.  It’s the kind of thing you just want to keep eating, even though you’re full, just for the taste of it.