Holy Shit! Do NOT Interrupt Mrs. Wigglebottom when She’s Listening to Springsteen

After our walk, we ran some errands and as a treat to myself, I picked up the new Springsteen album along with the new White Stripes.

Sadly for Springsteen’s anti-piracy efforts, his CD does not play in my car, thus meaning I’ll have to burn a car-friendly version as soon as I get around to it.

Anyway, I put it on here at home and went upstairs to take a shower.  I came down, went to turn it down, and Mrs. Wigglebottom woke from a dead sleep and let out this loud, alarmed bark like someone had just stepped on her.  She then sat up and stared at me, with one ear kind of cocked up and a look of grave distress on her face.  I turned it back up and she let out a long sigh and went back to sleep.

4 thoughts on “Holy Shit! Do NOT Interrupt Mrs. Wigglebottom when She’s Listening to Springsteen

  1. I wouldn’t ‘burn a car-friendly version’. I’d return it. It is a defective CD. (technically, it is not a CD at all, because it almost certainly does not conform to the official standard (Phillips Red Book?) for CDs). That is the best way to convince these DRM-loving dorks to cut it out.

  2. Yes, but I don’t think I can risk the ire of the dog, who has clearly come to love it.

  3. I’m with Mrs. Wigglebottom. Oh, how I love this CD! We listened to it all weekend. The first time I heard "We Shall Overcome," I was so overwhelmed I started crying. It made me think that there’s something to the Jungian collective unconscious. It’s not like I have been involved in much social activism personally. I just felt the weight of all those people who have sung that song in the past. It’s so powerful in its hopefulness. And that "shall" just kills me.

  4. Dr. J. I know what you mean. I remember the first time I heard Allison Kraus doing "Down to the River to Pray." It was on one of those Oxford American compilations, so I had no warning. It just came out of my car speakers like a message from The Great Right Now and I had to pull my car over I was shaking so much.

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