Do You Ever Worry That You’re Being Subliminally Influenced?

I’m sorry to send y’all over to, but I can’t figure out how to grab the advertisement I want to talk about. Still, I think you can see it on the main page without having to sit through one of their ads.

We’re looking at this strange Evian ad over on the left.

It opens with a cave that seems to suggest a woman’s bent leg. The Evian bottle juts towards the “crotch” and then “Return to Purity” pops up. The next scene is a big mountain range with a cloud formation shaped like an “X”. The final scene is a naked woman innocently making a snow angel with her knee bent in a way to suggest the shape of the cave at the beginning.

Is Evian trying to promise my subconscious that it can restore my virginity?

If that is the case, do I have to put the bottle in my cooter or just drink a lot of the water? And is being pure as snow and frigid, too, really a great goal to assume your customers might have?

I don’t know. But it’s weird.

And, it doesn’t make me thirsty. It does, however, make me a little curious about whether you can use an Evian bottle as a sex toy. But that may be just me.

Thanks to the incredible smarts of the Wayward Boy Scout, here are the images for you to peruse.





4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Worry That You’re Being Subliminally Influenced?

  1. Blast you for not getting a screencap. I get some other ad for a dating show on Lifetime. Ugh.A trip to asks me if I want to make the U.S. my Evian Destination from now on. duh. Of course I do.Anyway, I see a long flash video with icecicles in the Alps and some naked chick making snow angels with snow covering her boobs. Like it’s not objectifying to have her freezing her ass off in the snow as long as we can’t see her nipples. But no banner ad.

  2. I don’t know how to do a screen cap on a PC or I totally would. You don’t see it down there on the left under where you log in? Not across the top; it’s just a square on the left part of the screen.But, if someone knows how I can capture it, I’ll post the screen shots here.

  3. Hit "Print Screen" and it saves the screen capture to your clipboard.Then open "Paint" and paste it from the clipboard.

  4. Holy shit! That worked. I’m going to have to write a poem in your honor.Maybe a haiku:Exador is smart.He can talk his way intoAll kinds of trouble.

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