Sigh, Dorothy W. Sigh, Virginia Woolf

Dorothy W. is writing about Virgina Woolf today and it’s such a good post.  Not just because of the cool stuff from Woolf that she quotes, but how Dorothy has just the right tone, like one of the Ghosts of Christmas, like she’s got her arm around us and is whispering to us as we watch Woolf work, even though these are but shadows of what was.  God, it’s just so nice, her ability to make Woolf so immediate.

Go read.  Good stuff.



Ha, I was just about to publish this when something struck me.  You know what the thing about good literature and good talking about literature is?  It’s like a map.  The author sketches out the shape and scope of the map and then everyone comes along and adds his or her own knowledge of the landscape to it.

I don’t know what it’s a map to, though.  Ourselves, I guess.

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