Last Chance!

1.  I’m about to do my dishes and take out the garbage.  If you’d rather do them for me, you need to call or email me in the next ten minutes.

2.  Even though I had lunch with her yesterday, I feel like I haven’t seen the Professor in one billion years.  She called me while I was making dinner and she heard the pots clanking and was all "Oh, I’ll let you go" and I was a little sad.

3.  So, feminist indoctrination camp starts this week and I have to go talk to the girls… GRRRLS… on Monday about self-publishing (you know, blogging).  Anybody have any good thoughts on what I should cover?

Right now my outline looks like this:

So You’ve Got Something to Say.  Now You Want to Be Heard: A Kick-Ass Presentation on Blogging and Other Forms of Self-Publishing by Aunt B.

  • Talk about copyright and how you own your shit and no one else does.
  • Temper that with fair use.
  • The world is full of assholes.  Keep yourself safe.

Granted, I just started working on it, rather than doing the dishes, so I’m not very far, but I suspect it’s not living up to its billing as a "Kick-Ass" presentation.

8 thoughts on “Last Chance!

  1. Give them a sample of what’s out there for third-wavers, to point them towards what others are currently doing. This will be more interesting to them than copyright talk.The natural "to do" part would be to set up a blog collective for the duration of the grrrl camp, so that they can group blog, liveblog, and otherwise let the rest of us in on what they are doing while gaining some practical skills.

  2. Mark! I would have much rather you did the dishes. That would have freed me up to sit on the couch and masturbate. Well, maybe next time.Bridgett, I was just planning on a small copyright talk, I swear. I know no one else finds it as exciting as I do. I was going to frame it as part of the whole "Publish yourself. It’s empowering" part of the talk.So, my thought is to talk for a while about why they should play around with self-publishing–that it’s empowering, that it undermines traditional power structures, and provides folks with a direct unmediated voice between them and their audience, etc. And what kinds of precautions they might think about taking while online.I’ll have to ask the Playwright how feminist I can get, because I’d love to talk about the Riot GRRRLs and third wave feminism and how we’re going to undermine the patriarchy one obnoxious, funny, mess of a person at a time.But, too, I want to leave a lot of room for discussion and stuff.Then, if we can get a computer lab, we’ll sit down and make some blogs.

  3. I actually think the copyright stuff is important, for them to realize that as soon as they fix the content in a blog, they own it. Also, I see a lot of people copy and paste whole articles from newspapers, which does not constitute fair use. Helps them stay out of trouble to tell th em about it. Good idea about the precautions bit – it helps to realize that what you blog today may be available to college admissions teams or HR departments in the future…

  4. Good news. I secured a computer lab. So basically you can do your entire presentation/discussion in a room with computers.I think the girls will love to see other blogs to know what is out there. There will be so much disparity in how familiar with computers these girls are. I think we’re all living under the myth that kids are soooo computer saavy, but I mentor this twelve year old girl who doesn’t have a computer at home and didn’t really understand email until we recently got her a hotmail account. I don’t pity you trying to speak to all tech-familiar audiences :)

  5. Oh, god, Heather. I hadn’t even considered that. We may have to take a few minutes to get everyone even hooked up to email.And Rachel, yeah, I think I want to be sure to stress that, eventually, someone you know is going to find your blog and how you should not write anything you wouldn’t have the courage to say to someone’s face.And I’m going to have to practice not cussing.

  6. Might want to discuss anonymity and such. Especially in the context of keeping yourself safe, and future responsibility for what you post now. Like Britney was just commenting on her own early websites.

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