Strange Things

Y’all, I swear Mrs. Wigglebottom is magic.  I’m driving home from the first reading of our play and I see this couple walking a very small dog with shiny green eyes and I slow down to get a look, and I look really hard, and then I roll down my window–“Is that my dog?”

And the Butcher says, “Yes, yes it is.”

And some girl says, “Woo hoo, it’s Tiny Cat Pants in the flesh,” which just tickles me.  I think she was a Sarah.  Hopefully not Saraclark, because the Butcher does not need to be bringing scandal into my house.

Oh, shit, I am tired.

But how is it that Mrs. Wigglebottom can change size?  That’s what I want to know.

But I just wanted to say how much it tickled me to hear actors reading words that I wrote.  I have a little piece based on some of our discussion here, so of course, it starts out with a Sarcastro-like character fighting with a Me-like blogger and, fuck me, y’all, we two say some funny shit.

I’d had time to get used to hearing other people read my words, but it about bowled me over to hear other people bickering in the way we do.  Or used to do.  Back when we hung out some.  Now days, a girl can’t even get a beer with the dude.

There are four of us writing it: me, the Playwright, the girl who needs a nickname, and the Recovering Baptist.  I don’t know what I’m doing, but everyone else has some theater experience.  Anyway, we write some shit and then, it seems, the Recovering Baptist magically makes it better.  I don’t know how and I’m totally jealous, but she just has a good eye for picturing how things can go on a stage and how they can fit together.

I’m kind of a patchwork quilt type, I guess and she’s the quilter who’s not afraid to hack up fabric and get precise shapes.

It intimidates me just a little.

4 thoughts on “Strange Things

  1. This is so exciting. I really think I may be able to see it on my way through the country. Have you cast you yet? "You" played by _____? That would have to be the weirdest sensation…

  2. 1. I’ll never tell.2. I watched a show on risk taking behavior last night and it occured to me that writing something(book, song, poetry, whatever) and putting it out before the public to be performed/played and to be listened to or experienced or criticized is very risk taking behavior. The Other Half and I talked about the adrenaline rush of performance anxiety and stage fright and I wondered who gets it more, the performer or the creator or both.The other risk taking behaviors were base jumping, race car driving and gambling. An interesting comparison when you think of it like that. This is a very creative and brave thing that you are doing.

  3. Sarcastro, I have no idea how you can be a sense of rejection, since you are the one who refuses to be seen among the rabble now that you’re an important Nashville insider.Plimco! That makes me very nervous and excited. I can’t wait.Saraclark, if you are taking latenight walks with the Butcher and Mrs. Wigglebottom, I think you’re doing some risk-taking behavior of your own!

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