The Man With the Coolest Uncool Dog

Our arch-enemy, the black dog, seems to be gone.  As does its lesser annoying companion, the white dog.  The barky old beagle mix is still there, though, barking at us every day when we walk by.

Her owner, however, has acquired a Shepherd puppy, and he struts around the neighborhood, putting one muscular shoulder forward and then the other, smoking a cigarette as he perambulates with his bitching dog.

This, in itself, is a sight to see.

But what’s even funnier is that the barky dog has no clue how bad-ass the other two are looking and so she follows them around like a proud mom, trying to hang back so as to not look overbearing, but also running up occasionally to check on them.  And then, when they turn the corner to go under the train tracks, she runs ahead, barking angrily at all the other dogs–“Stand back!  Don’t you dare hurt my boys!”

The puppy, of course, does not care.  But the big ole man always looks slightly embarrassed.