Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

Yep, I’m tossing around the Crowley references just for you, Huck.

Crowley uses “Will” in a specific way, of course.  He’s not saying, “go ahead and do whatever the fuck you want.”  He’s saying “align yourself with your true purpose (your will) and do it.”

Heh, good luck with that.

My roommate in college, though?

The first time I met her, she said, “I’m going to marry an Irishman.”

You know how many men from Ireland were living in Bloomington, Illinois in the mid-90s?  Two.  Brothers.

And she ended up married to one of them!

I should drop her an email that just says 93 and see if she answers, “Love is the law, love under will.”  It sure would explain a lot.

9 thoughts on “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

  1. I think she also planned that the two of you were going to live next door to each other and raise each other’s children together.Not to spoil the references and the idea of the post, but I just had a dorm room flash back to her saying some such thing. Though, drinking or general wackiness might have been involved so maybe that doesn’t count.

  2. So, let’s make a list of the people who love me–married men, old men, and straight girls.Good god. I must be much more awesome than I thought if someone wants to live next door to me and raise our children together.

  3. Damn, woman, you got me. First I said your children together, but then I thought that implied she wanted to be your spouse and raise a family with you but apparently my new way to state it implied that as well. I originally thought she meant children by each of your own spouses, but now I am wondering if back in that dorm room I missed some subtext.Isn’t the Professor loved by old men too? The old men of Nashville must be having a field day with both of you there.

  4. No, I knew what you meant. I was more alarmed by the prospect of living next door to her forever. I mean, shoot, either be forthright in your loving for me–in which case, hope to have me in your bed forever–or don’t make plans for me.From here on out, if you want to have a crush on me, you have to be willing to make out with me, should the opportunity present itself. I’m sorry. That’s just the way it is.

  5. I think you should get a t-shirt or possibly business cards to hand out that stating that anyone who has a crush on you must be willing to make out with you.

  6. Of course old men love me. But I just gotta make sure y’all know that boys love me too. Young, virle studs with washboard stomachs can’t seem to stay out of my bed.

  7. No. I haven’t touched a washborad stomach in many months. I was just reveling in the memory without any slight thought of actually reliving it. But, the boys do love me; I stand by that claim.

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