God Told Me to Tell You to Give Me All Your Money

Dr. J reminded me yesterday of the craziest thing our roommate did in grad school.  Shortly after I decided that I wanted to go to the publishing institute in New York, so did she.  I don’t remember how I found out, but I think Dr. J told me, as the roommate had this idea that she could just do it and somehow I wouldn’t notice.

That’s not the crazy part, though.  The crazy part is that she asked her church for the money to do it.  Not the church she’d grown up in, but the church she’d attended on and off for the two years she’d been in Winston-Salem.

And they gave it to her! 

Coble has a post today about the intriguing funds distribution that’s been done in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  She makes her usual argument about how churches and other private charities are better equipped to handle the business of charity.

The only problem is that a scam artist is a scam artist and it’s no harder for a cute girl with a sob story to get a couple of thousand bucks from a church than it is for her to get football tickets from the government.

I don’t think shifting who takes care of charity is going to lessen the outrageous stories we hear about the folks who receive it milking the system.

And at least these government things come to light.  Is there anybody accountable for how the money that walks out of a church is spent?  Is there any oversight?

I don’t want to freak y’all out by agreeing with Kleinheider, but when the man says, ” Humans are rotten and deceitful by nature,” he’s pretty damn close.  I don’t think we’re rotten and deceitful, but we’re definitely selfish boogers.  Sometimes, religion helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

But handing over large amounts of funds to churches and expecting that such cash will go only to do-gooding and not to fun-having?  Seems to rely on a level of morality we’ve shown no evidence of being able to achieve.

4 thoughts on “God Told Me to Tell You to Give Me All Your Money

  1. Where do you think all those giant church buildings come from? I heard a quote from the SBC in Greensboro last night, in which someone was emphasising the importance of a 10% tithe as part of their religion and then another person discussing how he was lobbying the Convention for more funds for his pet project. Money and religion should not be confused or intermingled. At least that’s my opinion.

  2. God, remember how upset she was when they only gave her $100 instead of the entire amount for tuition? I’ve never met anyone with such a powerful sense of entitlement.

  3. Was it only $100? I had it in my mind that it was $800 and the tuition was like $2,500. I seem to recall they gave her more than one has any right to be ungrateful about.I should have had a blog back then. Then I’d be able to check these important details.

  4. I only reference religion and religious charities because they’re the ones with which I’m most familiar. Yes, we have our black eyes (Jim and Tammy Fake, etc.) but generally speaking the private charities engine runs with much less waste than the government charities engine.

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