Why I Like Dino Better than Sinatra

I like Dino better than Frank because–and this is purely my opinion, not based on any facts whatsoever, as I know no facts about the two of them–it seems like, if you were a damsel in distress, and Dino and Frank came along to save you, after they were done, Dino might carry your picture around in his wallet and take it out every once in a while and smile to himself when he thought about you.

10 thoughts on “Why I Like Dino Better than Sinatra

  1. My ex-mother-in-law (Marilyn) had a great Sinatra story. She was shopping in the gift shop at [The Sands, Caesar’s, MGM Grand, Flamingo, whichever]. Sinatra comes up behind her and asks for her help in picking out a gift for a lady friend. She was certainly no shrinking violet, so she took him through the shop to buy Frank’s lady friend a [scarf, perfume, bracelet, ring, whatever]. Frank then looked her in the eye and said, "Now you pick something for yourself, honey." Marilyn demurred and replied, "Oh no, I couldn’t do that Mr. Sinatra.""Anything you want, doll. Just name it," he said."Well, I will take a kiss."So, Frank planted one on her. It meant next to nothing to him. She still talks about it today.

  2. I love how you specify which ex-mother-in-law it was, as if you have so many a reader might get confused.What a great story, though!

  3. It was a lazy way of saying her name, so that I could stop having to type the word "mother-in-law."She and I used to have these arguments over who was better, Dean or Frank. It was always fun to push her over the edge by saying, "Marilyn, Tony Bennett is a better singer than Frank. The argument should be whether he is as good as Dean." She would exclaim, "Oh, like hell, buster!"Good times.

  4. Oh my god. Oh my sweet fucking god. There should be a law… or not a law… an accord… that every day, some saucy broad should say "Oh, like hell, buster!" to you.She’s midwestern, isn’t she?See, America, we midwesterners annoy you with our bland accents and our potlucks, but you need us. I don’t see you southern gals running around giving Mr. Smartypants a well-timed "Oh, like hell, buster!" when he needs it.

  5. Dino would carry your picture around and pull it out and smile, AND he would also sing "Just Someone I Used to Know" to it. The guy loved country music.

  6. I’ve heard it. It’s good. I’ve seen video from his old TV show, too, with him singing with Loretta Lynn.

  7. I’d rather sleep with Dean than Frank, but, Frank seems to be more fun to hang out with than Dean. Dean was apparently not very chatty, according to his daughter Deana. Didn’t like chit chat and really, was not the partier his image played him to be.

  8. I don’t see how any of them make "mood" music. There’s some really, really shitty Tony Bennett CD in a regular cycle at Starbucks right now. If I don’t know one of the employees well, then I have to just leave for its terrible covers are painful to me. Let’s debate Otis Redding vs. Marivn Gaye vs. Al Green, vs. Stevie Wonder.

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