The Return to the Mothership

All the folks who were in the office today went over to Mothership Barbecue for lunch.  It was, as always, fabulous.  We were a little rowdy, talking all about how it’s no surprise that the men were all getting take-out and the women were all sitting in the restaurant to eat.

Luckily, Knuck couldn’t hear us because the group in the next room was even louder and rowdier!

And you know who it was?  SistaSmiff, Saraclark, and Malia!

Yep, at one point, I knew everyone in the restaurant. 


7 thoughts on “The Return to the Mothership

  1. Sadly, I must’ve finished before you got there. Aware of the Knuck’s dwindling supply of pulled pork, I went with the rib plate. Excellent.-J

  2. Too bad for you, J. It was make out with the single restaurant patrons day and you missed out.Malia, please! Your kids were so cute. Your son was a riot about his dum-dums.

  3. It was great getting to meet you today! Not knowing if you were with co-workers or bloggers, I wasn’t sure whether to come up and blurt something out or not. I try to respect someone’s privacy when I can and not just say the most outrageous thing possible to a semi-stranger. We need a secret signal.I think the Knucklehead was a little weirded out with a dining room full of women.We will all have to do it again sometime, when we can be more rowdy. Malia’s Sweetpea did teach me to dip my DumDum in ketchup and then eat it.

  4. I think Sweetpea was only dipping french fries (yes, I stopped at Wendy’s for her, I brought foreign food into the Mothership, but seriously everyone, including Knuck, should be grateful that I did!) in the ketchup. It was Boo-boo who was dipping the Dum-dum in the ketchup and then licking it off. Believe me, he’s done worse.

  5. Got there at 4:30.So sad I missed you, but I saw your awesome video today about ye’ ray gun.At least I got to see Mr.Knuckle.Head.

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