The Tiny Cat Speaks

She finishes eating, then she just starts blathering on. She’s just sitting in the middle of the kitchen making these noises that don’t sound like the noises she makes when she’s making noises at the other cat. They sound almost like human sounds, except not quite discernable words.

I look at her. The dog looks at her. I look at the dog.

Finally, I’m like “You’re welcome. I would have fed you sooner, but I didn’t realize you were out of food.”

And she made another little noise and went upstairs.

I don’t know. It just strikes me as funny. Clearly, the animals have been watching us long enough to know that sometimes we make weird noises and expect the other pink ape in the house to make some noises back at us.

I think it’s kind of cute that the animals are learning our ways.

Because I’m all about running late for work in order to give y’all what you want…


6 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat Speaks

  1. My cat also has started experimenting with speech in the last month or so. Any eye contact coupled with a word ending in "at" will set her off. (Not only cat, but fat, sat, smellarat…) Perhaps they’ve gotten directives from the home planet to try some basic cross-species communication. I imagine that they are going to be frustrated when they learn that all most pink apes want to talk about is girls making out with each other.To further cross-species understanding, I’m going to find a sunny spot and take a morning nap.

  2. There she is. She won’t ever let you take pictures of her hairless butt, only closeups of her face.

  3. If I didn’t know better, from that angle, I’d think she might be a fuzzy sloth or a monkey, or maybe a strange, new species of bear.

  4. HomerCat and the others talk all the time. I made it a point when we first got him to only speak Spanish to him. I had visions of training an uber kat much like the Schutzhund dog training system, but alas I was foiled by his autism.He answers to Gato quite well and el gato gordo also.

  5. Thanks for indulging my request, Aunt B! I knew a couple of cats with her kind of coloring/markings (from what I can see) and they were all quite chatty too.

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