Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse for Not Following the Law

Ceeelcee* says:

Just back from the Mothership where I got to meet up with my two favorite Blogger crushes, Aunt B. and Brittney.

The clearly articulated rules around here are:

From here on out, if you want to have a crush on me, you have to be willing to make out with me, should the opportunity present itself. I’m sorry. That’s just the way it is.

And yet, there was no offer of smooches.  For shame!






*Who is getting a nickname as soon as I come up with a good one

3 thoughts on “Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse for Not Following the Law

  1. Well, shit. I’m already in trouble with Kat and now I go and screw the rest of the compliment up.Sometimes I understand why it would be easier to be Sarcastro. He’s consistently mean AND funny. At least I have something to aspire to.And I did show you my caret.CLC->

  2. Oh, CeeElCee. I can tell right now that you’re no Midwesterner. Among my people, it is customary, when deeply flattered, to make some kind of snarky comment. In other regions, such as the South, I understand that proper ladies accept compliments with grace and charm.That is not our way. (Quite possibly, this is why there are fewer rural Midwesterners than rural Southerners.)But, believe me, according to our customs, the snark is an indication of deep pleasure, pride, and flatteredness.We tease becauses we care.

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