My Dad’s Most Awesome Trait

Tiny Cat Pants is often fraught with crap about my family.  But in honor of Father’s Day, I’m going to tell you the best thing about my dad. 

My dad comes through.

Say that I were sitting here typing away and a large bolt of lightning struck me and I had to be rushed to the hospital.  If I called my dad and said, "I’ve been electrocuted, please come" he would be there as fast as he could, even if I were living in Moscow, Russia.

If I said, "If I don’t find $500, we’re going to be in big trouble," he’d find $500.

And it’s not just for his kids that he’s like that.  He’s that way with his nieces and nephews and all our friends.

Now, don’t go asking my dad for money, or I’ll have to kick your ass. 

But, if you need someone to come to the hospital to see you or to try to figure out what’s wrong with your car, you can call on him for that.  Just tell him I sent you.

One thought on “My Dad’s Most Awesome Trait

  1. My dad was amazingly gentle with injured animals. I don’t know that this was his best quality, but he wasn’t a tender man and it always surprised me that he could take some little thing in pain and cradle it like a hatful of eggs.

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