Today is the Day to Go to the Mothership

I have a co-worker who spent the 70s the way that most folks wish they’d spent the 70s.  I’m taking her to the Mothership for lunch today just to see if any of the album covers on the wall make her blush–not in a prudish way, but in a “I remember that guy!” way.

It should be good fun.

10 thoughts on “Today is the Day to Go to the Mothership

  1. Brittney, we’re going to aim for 11:30. Do you want to join us? That way we can see CeeElCee, as well.

  2. Wow – the Mothership has great food. The beans are to die for. So was the company . . . Thanks, Aunt B, for introducing me not only to the bar-b-que, but also to many cool folks and way cool bathroom. Which has, yes, a picture of my ex-boyfriend in it.Psychedelic Sue (yeah, my nickname)

  3. I have no idea about how John would be as a boyfriend, but as a candidate, he can throw a hell of a fun fundraiser. (My kid goes to school with his campaign manager’s daughter. Small world, isn’t it?)

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