Two Reasons Why I’m Not a Big Fan of Politics

One: It reminds me that people are cowardly jackasses

I had lunch with Bob Krumm today (among others).  I met him once before, briefly, and find him to be intelligent, funny, and earnest.  I think that’s about all you can ask for in anybody.  I don’t know what kind of politician he’ll be. 

I’m sure a lot of intelligent, funny, earnest folks go into politics thinking that they can remain above the corruption and other nonsense, but they don’t.

On the other hand, I’m sure there are people who stay intelligent, funny, and earnest, but end up exhausted and jaded as well.

But he means well and he intends to do good and, to me, that says something.

Any conservative who can sit at a table with three loud, obnoxious leftists who are going on about what’s in whose pocket (ahem, Kleinheider) and hold his own and maintain his dignity gets props from me.

So, it was with great surprise that I read this over at Kleinheider’s today:

Interesting comment on this thread from a commenter identifying himself as “Belle Meade Voter.”

Talk in the district is that Krumm is going to lose the Republican primary to Manuel Fonseca, a local firefighter. Krumm is a complete unknown. Fonseca is at least involved in our neighborhoods through his work.

Those that know Krumm think he is arrogant in that he keeps talking about what he is going to do when he is elected. To be blunt, many of the few folks that know him view him as somewhat of a carpetbagger. They think he rolled in here from some other state, started a blog, and now he thinks we should elect him as our senator.

He also does not seem to realize how it insults many in this district that he — as someone that has never really done anything in our community — is taking on Doug Henry.

Doug Henry is a public servant in every good sense of the name. He fought for us in World War II. He has spent most of his life taking care of us in the senate. He is absolutely unassailable.

Krumm had better get out of the blog world and get into the real world quickly because he is in for a rude awakening.

I, of course, have nothing against pseudonymous internet activities.  I, you may have noticed, blog pseudonymously.  Yet, if you want to find me, it’s not that hard.  A lot of folks know who I am.  I have a working email address and I am the only person at Percy Warner Park walking a big ole pit bull.

If you have a problem with me, you can find me.  If I say something you don’t like or don’t understand, you can call me to task on it.

But these anonymous drive-by comments?  I don’t know.  When it comes to everyday ordinary life, I don’t really give a shit.  If y’all suddenly started only posting anonymous comments, it’d be kind of funny, if a little annoying.

But I read this and it didn’t make me think “Oh, poor Krumm.  Those Belle Meade folks don’t like him.”  It made me think, “What cowardly jackass would not have the guts to say this to Krumm’s face, but instead has to post it at another site under a fake name?”

I think I was supposed to feel like I was getting some kind of inside scoop, like this is the water cooler gossip and now I’m in the know.  Instead, I just felt like it was cowardly and dishonorable. 

Those criticisms might be legitimate.  I don’t know Bob Krumm.  He might secretly be a big snobby carpetbagger.  But I’m not going to take the word of a coward. 

Will other people?

I’m afraid that kind of bullshit works and it makes me sad.

Two: It reminds me that the Democrats will sell me out in order to win

I am a woman.  I believe in equal rights for everyone and marriage for any two people foolish or brave enough to want it.  I believe in my bodily autonomy and while I respect your right to life once you are, you know, actually alive, while you’re a parasite in my body, you’re there at my discretion.  My body is a gift I give you, for a brief time, not something the state gets to control on your behalf while you are a fetus.  My body belongs to nobody but me.  If that works out poorly for you, I am truly sorry, but that’s just how it is.

Those things I am uncompromising about.  Full citizenship with all its benefits for the born and bodily autonomy without state interference for born women.

As you know, if you read my blog.

I don’t want to fight about that.  I just want to state it.

And then I want to say that I vote Democratic because I don’t believe the Republicans are interested in fighting for either of the things that are beyond compromise for me.

So, I want to return to Julia Corker and Mike Kopp.  Here’s Kopp, a big Democratic operative who worked for Gore and appeared on Frontline and so on.

And so, I guess, he wants Corker out of the Senate race. So, what does he do?  He sells out Corker’s daughter by insinuating that she’s a slut and that her kissing another girl is scandalous.

I don’t give a shit if every Republican in Tennessee might think that’s true; Kopp is an influential Democrat and fuck him, he’s supposed to be on my side.  And my side is not about suggesting that grown ass women are under the control of their fathers.  My side is not about slut shaming.  My side is not about implying that there’s anything even remotely gross about two women kissing.

Are the Democrats still on my side or not?

Don’t even fucking answer that.  I cannot bear to know.

7 thoughts on “Two Reasons Why I’m Not a Big Fan of Politics

  1. VERY. GOOD. POST.B., I feel the same way. I have no idea what is happening in this country, and I’m like you, but anyone can find out who I am. Hell, I tell people who I am.The thing is, that I no longer know who the good guys are either.

  2. Applesauce. I can eat lunch with many a pleasant and God-fearing person (including my uncle Junebug) who would have me locked up for sedition in a Gitmo minute if given the reins of power. BK indeed might be a jolly good fellow, a person of good conscience, an excellent fly fisherman, and a crack amateur plumber — and yet, his ideological commitments are not such that I could vote for him. In other words, he can be a good guy to know without being a "good guy." And applesauce again. "Still on my side?" Never consistently have been. It wasn’t the Dems that brought you the expansion of women’s rights, it was the women’s movement — a politicized, radicalized, flawed group of women working like dogs for one hundred and fifty years. Institutions do squat without interest group pressure. Organize, ladies.

  3. Yeah, Bridgett, I don’t think you’re contradicting anything I’ve said. Krumm can certainly be a good guy personally without being a good guy politically. I’m not voting for him, because I don’t vote for Republicans unless they are firmly, vocally, and unapologetically pro-choice and only then if the Democractic person is unstandable.But that’s neither here nor there when it comes to bizarre anonymous smear campaigns against him, which have nothing to do with whether he’s a good person or not.As for your second point, isn’t that what I’m doing?

  4. I second what bridgett says about the Democrats not being on your side.Politicians, as a rule, are only ever on the side of power. Apologies to Krumm and the other decent folks I’ve known who have run for office. But the bottom line is still that ideology, after a while, becomes a victim of entrenched self-interest. Republicans, too.

  5. B.You have been on a roll lately. Yet another great post.What Bob is getting now is the type of shit I got from #9 and Hitman and people who relentlessly attacked me anonymously, and eventually I had enough. (I was,and am still recovering from very major surgery) I thought they were cowards. First, they don’t stay on the issues, and when they turn it personal, there’s not even as much as an email address for one to take it privately because the "Bell Meades" or "#9s" want to hurt you as much as they can publicly.I don’t think of you as an anonymous blogger. The only thing I personally know about you is your first name, but I know I could reach you if…fuck it. Once again you stated why in your post about 1000 times better than I can articulate it.Regarding Krumm, he’s been nothing but respectful to Doug Henry. I don’t know if you’re in his district, but in this case, Krumm is more open minded than Henry. (I didn’t say liberal) Henry is an anti choice, anti gay Democrat. While Krumm is not pro choice, at least he is for allowing for abortions when the mother’s life is in danger or rape or incest. Doug Henry, the Democrat, has been endorsed by Tennessee Right To Life. I mentioned all the above because you asked about the Democratic party. The Democratic Party left us quite a while ago. They made liberal a four letter word, and now we have Democrats like Henry who are so far to the right that Right To Life endorsese them. Heck, last Wednesday Gov. Phil Bredesen said he’d vote for the ban on gay marriage! But back to Krumm.If nothing else,he at least listens. Okay. I’ll state the obvious: He’s also hot.Well, I don’t know what you’re drinking or smoking or vibrating, but your posts have been outstanding lately. (Not that they weren’t good before–they’re just exceptionally good lately)Peace,Sharon

  6. You set the blogging bar high again, Ms. B. This is outstanding, hot-blooded and rousing (not to the extent of Kleinheider’s pants, but forceful nonetheless).

  7. "My side is not about implying that there’s anything even remotely gross about two women kissing." Why does the Julia Corker photo always come down to someone’s supposed homophobia? I think what the photo shows is distasteful. If she’d been sucking face with some hunk of a guy I’d still find it just as distasteful for the same reason. Anybody of any sexual persuasion who promotes other people to be voyeurs of their personal sexual experience by the way their public behavior (be it live and in person or captured on the internet) exhibits behavior I find distasteful. It doesn’t mean I’m homophobic.It doesn’t change my opinion of Corker.It doesn’t surprise me to see Kopp fanning the flames of political smut. I wouldn’t take it personally because I don’t think Kopp is on anyone’s "side" except whoever has hired him at the moment.

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