In Which I Learn a Valuable Lesson and Make a Suggestion to the Wild Boar

The Valuable Lesson: If the fire alarm goes off and you exit the building without making sure that everyone in your office knows what’s going on, the person left will be pissed off.

Thankfully, there wasn’t a fire or she would have been pissed off.*


The Suggestion: Open for lunch and get some tables outside.  Also, comp me for making this awesome suggestion**.




*I think the italics convey the difference between "I’m going to tell you I’m mad" and "My ghost will haunt you so bad and every time you go to have sex, I will stand at the end of your bed and make disparaging ethereal-voiced comments about how small your partner is and how much you look like a moldy ham sandwich while using the voice of your dead grandma, which I totally will be able to, because I’ll be dead.  Thanks, bitches."

**Does anyone actually get comped cool shit because of their blog?  I bet Roboto does.  It must be so great to be Roboto.

4 thoughts on “In Which I Learn a Valuable Lesson and Make a Suggestion to the Wild Boar

  1. Alfresco lunching. Probably not a bad idea I just question suggesting it on a day when the tempature is in the 90s and that "heat index" thingy is approaching 100. Timing is everything.

  2. Well, when you’re trying to save yourself from bankruptcy and eviction, you’ve got to try daring things, I think. Anyway, even in this heat, I see folks sitting out at Starbucks drinking their coffee, so I think there’d be a market for it.

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