Well, So Much for Well Trained

Someone, and I’m not pointing any fingers, acted like such a nincompoop when faced with the world’s oldest dog (who was doing nothing but admiring Tier’s light pole) that I’m embarrassed to be seen by the world’s oldest dog’s owner ever again.

Yes, it’s true.  Many of us fear old age and it’s companion, impending death, but we don’t go around growling and barking and lunging at old folks.

That same someone also barked at a very small dog and then seemed surprised and hurt when that small dog barked right back.

And that same someone barked at the cat, which so startled the cat that he leaped over some dishes in an ungraceful manner, thus sending the dishes into the subject of this post.

Serves her right.

Now, she’s sleeping at my feet, which is no wonder.  She’s lived more in the past hour than most of us live all day.

13 thoughts on “Well, So Much for Well Trained

  1. Hmmm…sounds like someone’s a candidate for "The Dog Whisperer"…Don’t feel bad…I have a dog like that!

  2. I was trying to talk to my mother on the phone this morning while Calvin the CatBastard stood at my feet and howled at the top of his lungs for no reason. I yelled "Jesus M…F..ing Christ would you shut up!" at the cat and then got scolded for using bad language so early in the morning by my mother. As soon as I hung up the phone, the CatBastard went back upstairs and went to sleep. I don’t get it.Perhaps he and Mrs. Wigglebottom are in cahoots today.

  3. Ha! Maybe it’s something in the air. Someone else has been throwing up right outside our front door. I don’t know if it’s one of our cats or one of the neighbor cats, but it’s really gross and funny at the same time.

  4. Possibly, but why is he throwing up cat food?Oh, hey, wait. I take that back. I’m not talking to the man who thinks I’m a loser.

  5. Tell the Butcher to slow down and chew the cat food better and if that doesn’t work, put a dab of vaseline on his nose to help with digestion and blockages.H- My mom called at the ungodly hour of 7:30am. There had already been swearing about her breaking of the "no phone calls before 9am rule."And yes it’s true, we’re asleep until then.

  6. We paid $40 yesterday for our second training session with "le chien lunatique." For our money, the handler dragged the dog out on the front porch and scared her so badly she shit all over herself, the porch, the kitchen floor etc.I think the training’s going quite well…

  7. Eeeee, I don’t know why, but stories about your dog shitting all over never fail to amuse me.

  8. I’m glad other people have dog-training issues. I like to think that Percy is trained well *for dog people.* That is, when people who love dogs come over, they don’t mind if she jumps up on them and they love her and pet her and then she goes back to her chair and goes back to sleep. Well-trained dog. However, we have this one couple that doesn’t do dogs, and so they freak out when she jumps on them rather than lowering down and petting her like they are supposed to, and so she bothers them all night. Not well-trained dog. Hmm, maybe we should just stop being friends with them. Or maybe we need to train them for correct behavior with Her Royal Highness.

  9. Percy is such a good dog, I just can’t imagine people not liking her. And even if she jumps on you, she’s so light. Gah. My feelings are hurt for her.Some dogs are an acquired taste. Mrs. Wigglebottom is a little like homebrew. You don’t always know what you’re going to get, but it’ll probably be a good time and someone’s butt is going to get scratched.But Percy is delightful, like fresh strawberries or that first bite of a good apple.For shame on people who don’t "do" Percy.

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