Sometimes You Just Have to Accept that It’s Not a Nap

When you are sitting on the couch reading your fascinating history of pagan Europe and you’re waiting to see if you learn anything more interesting than that every month has an “Ides” and that it used to be the time of the full moon and you lean your self against the big comfy pillow on the back of the couch and you nod off just for a second even though it’s only…

Oh, god, I can’t even bring myself to tell you the time.  Let’s just say it rhymes with Bix* Birty.

So, say you nod off and you wake up at 8:20 and the first thought that runs through your mind is, “I bet the bed would be really comfortable,” then, my friends, you have not just taken a two-hour nap.  You have fallen asleep for real.

So, yes, I got eleven hours of sleep last night.

It was nice.




*And you doubted my midwest street cred.  Here I am throwing around old Jazz musicians like confetti.

One thought on “Sometimes You Just Have to Accept that It’s Not a Nap

  1. I did a similar thing at Bonnaroo. I headed back to the tent after Radiohead around 11pm for a 45 minute nap before the Dresden Dolls show. Noble wakes me up and I say "Shit, are we ready to go?" He says "Um, it’s 4am. I already went."

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