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Y’all, my poor computer here at home is just not… I mean, for starters, I bought this computer for $100.  It’s definitely given us more than a $100 worth of computerness, but it has some issues, which are more and more noticeable every day. 

Sometimes, though, it amuses me, these problems.

So, I’m trying to nose around the blog for Wo! Magazine, which looks like it’s going to be (or is, I can’t tell) a feminist magazine out of Australia and it’s not going well.

For some reason, my computer is just lumping all the text together in these large abstract jumbles.  So, for instance, it looks like one of the subtitles they’re trying to vote on is “a magazine, not aa creative mangazine refashioning of feminism.”  And I don’t know why, but that made me laugh so damn hard.

I don’t even know what a mangazine is, but I’m going to pretend it’s some kind of patriarchal periodical about mangos and manganese, which, as every good refashioned feminist knows, are the two things necessary for keeping women in their proper place.

2 thoughts on “Wo! Magazine

  1. hahahahahahahahah! That made me laugh a hell of a lot too. Hi I’m the author of said magazine blog. The poll was about trying to pick a subtitle for it and that jumbled text was two suggestions1. a magazine not a mangazine (oh-so-cheesy)and2. a creative refashioning of feminismbut I like them all jumbled together, that’s gold.ha!

  2. Anna, how very cool! And what a great blogroll! Y’all have some good taste in feminists.I’ll be looking forward to see what you get up to.

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