Fish as Shareholders

There’s an excellent article in today and I defy you to read it and not want to cause trouble.

Do you know about the American doctrine that says a corporation has the status of a person and enjoys all the legal protections afforded by the Constitution, including the right to own property? Well, beginning this week, Jeremijenko is selling the buoys to collectors. With the money, she plans to form a corporation called Ooz Inc. — zoo spelled backward — and put the fish on the board. That way the fish, as shareholders, will acquire personhood, and have a say in the preservation of their grungy habitat.

Doesn’t that just set your wheels to spinning?  Doesn’t it make you want to make some art?

God, it makes me glad to be alive–fish on corporate boards.

That’s what Nashville is missing, some god damn whimsy.

3 thoughts on “Fish as Shareholders

  1. See, between this and your copyright fascination I think you are the one that ought to have gone to law school. The Dog Yeller and I have some old books we could sell you if you ever make a career change.

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